Missed Your Flight? Money Back!

We at HexCars like to take care of you. We do that by making sure you have the most comfortable and easy journey possible. However we know that there are few journeys as stressful as Airport Transfers. To give you just a little more ease of mind on these travels, we are proud to introduce;

Our money back guarantee!

When you travel with Hexcars to an airport in the UK and you miss the flight, we’ll pay you the full ticket price back! 

For example, you travel from Heathrow to Berlin. These tickets cost about £200. If you miss your flight because our driver was late, you’ll get the full £200 back from us. This way you can travel with the least possible stress and risk.

Currently we are the only taxi company in the city who offers this deal, so  if you want to travel in the most stress free way, book your airport trip today.

Just click here or go to the home page, fill in your details, pre book your trip and we will do the rest. From picking you up and putting the bags in the car to unloading the car and wishing you the best flight.

How to get your money back

In the unlikely case that you miss your flight due to our mistake, all you have to do is give us a call on 07432281081, give us some of your details and send us the receipt of the airline by email. When we got your details it will take us 5 to 10 workdays to transfer the  money back to you.

Please be sure to read through our T&C’s when you book with HexCars. You can find them here and  to accept them you will have to tick the  box at the end of your order.

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