You know what they say about first impressions in business: they definitely matter and are long lasting. So when you are wondering how to impress clients, you do not have to wait until they visit your office or place of business. Our advice is to take it a step further, and consider all the interactions your client has during his visit. A great and simple solution is to offer professional transportation to your visitor, to show you are versed in business etiquette.

The first goal should always be to make them feel welcomed, to show them you are willing to go the extra mile and that you value their presence. This applies to any type of visitor: important clients, partners, associates, guests, investors. The point is to treat all your business relations with the same amount of respect and professionalism. These are the reasons why we recommend to always partner with a professional transportation company.

It is widely known that a shuttle service offered by a hotel can be a sizable expense, especially for those whose location is further away from the airport. Not to mention that some guests use it as a taxi – thus expensed for nothing. Professional shuttle services might therefore be the perfect answer for welcoming special or key clients. They are employed at their discretion, no unnecessary preparations and expenses, all with the intended effect.

When trying to impress your clients, their contact with whomever represents your company in that first interaction will reflect on your business. Namely, when sending a professional transport company for example the Executive Cars option from, elegancy and comfort will surely be among the words that will describe the experience.

Punctuality is also very important, and a shuttle service provider stands by this as a top requirement from itself. This on-time attitude will in turn reflect on your style of doing business.

Qualities such as punctuality, elegance and top professionalism influence the first contact, and also help build a positive image about your company and your brand. Show them that you truly value that business relation and remember: everyone loves the royal treatment now and then.