Taxi price from Bristol to Luton Airport

Hexcars offers you the option to travel to Luton airport for the fixed price of only £225,00. Take all your preflight stress away knowing that you will be on time for your flight, driven by a professional driver.

How much does a shuttle cost?

We at HexCars want to make your journey easy and accessible. For the fixed price of £225,00 we will pick you up from your home and bring you to the right gate at Luton Airport. This journey will include the excellent service from your experienced drivers from which you can expect;

  • DBS checked
  • Help with your luggage
  • Respect for your privacy
  • A friendly conversation or professional privacy
  • Proper dress code

Where to pick up in Bristol

Once you have passed your address on to us, we will pick you up at the time you requested. Note that the price of the ride stays the same, whether you live in Keynsham or in Filton, Bristol is Bristol.

Of course we can also pick you up from a hotel if you are only visiting the city. If this is the case, please be inspired by our recommendations of things to do in Bristol.

Taxi Transfer from Bristol to Luton Airport | Hex Cars

Things to do in Bristol

  • Brunel SS Great Britain
    For those who enjoy seeing a bit of history there is nothing quite like walking on the SS Great Britain. This is extra recommended if you travel with children.
  • Cabot tower
    Enjoy a beautiful sign of Bristol from the Cabot tower. Maybe one of the more hidden places in Bristol but we love it. It is also based in a park near the city centre, so combine this with your shopping spree for a moment of rest in your day.
  • Cabot circus
    Indulge in a shopping spree in Cabot Circus. The shopping centre on bristol. Packed with the best shops from sneakers to a cinema and from warehouses to outside markets. Cabot has got it al.
  • Clifton suspension bridge
    Truly a sight to see and a staple image for Bristol as a whole. You have not been in Bristol if you have not been here.
  • We the curious
    A great place to go to with kids. Let your imagination run wild and learn new things about the world around you in we the curious.

The drop off at Luton airport

You can let your driver know to which gate he should drive for drop off. As the pick up doesn’t affect the price, so will the drop off not affect the price. The driver will give you a hand with all the luggage, wish you a pleasant flight and off you go. 

Maybe you’ll arrive early, which leaves you with the following issue, what to do at Luton airport?

Taxi Transfer Service from Luton Airport to Bristol | Hex Cars

Things to do in Luton airport

  • Last minute prep
    Do you need to respond to one last email before your flight or have you forgotten to print out the speech you will give at the wedding? Luton got your back! Enjoy 4 hours of FREE WIFI and even the option to print your files at the airport!
  • Shop at Luton
    Luton Airport has some of the finest retailers located once you’ve past security. You be able to shop at shops like MAC, Boss, Oliver Bonas, Fatface and Ted Baker.
  • Foodie friends
    Need a quick bite before your flight? There is more than enough choice at Luton. From a nice cup of tea or coffee from Starbucks to Bella Italia. If you travel with kids, there is also a Frankie & Bennies located in Luton.
  • Faith and worship room
    All faiths, all religions and all expressions of these are accepted and to be accepted by those who attend. The faithroom offers a moment of peace and quiet before you take your flight.

How does a taxi driver calculate fares?

Taxi drivers calculate their fares at different rates. This is why taxis in London are more expensive than Taxis in Bristol. Most taxis word with a three step system;

  • Pickup – The price that you are charged as soon as you get in the taxi. This can be any amount from £1 to £5
  • Cost per mile – The price you pay per mile driven. Prices between £1.50 – £4.00 are about average with taxis
  • Time charge – This is the other way taxis calculate fares. In the case that there is much traffic or you run into many red traffic lights this fare will come into play. Expect to pay around £0.50 the minute when a taxi charges you for time.
  • Special charges – Prices will drastically go up when you travel on a special day like Christmas or New Year. Rates that go up with 40% – 50% are no rarity around this time.

Thankfully. You will never run into a surprise with HexCars, know to the penny what you will pay days before you have even got into the taxi. We work exclusively through our pre-booking system that you will find on our homepage, after you have filled in all the information needed, you will be presented the price that the taxi will charge. Once you’ve accepted the price, you can pay it straight away or at the end of the journey. The choice is up to you. 

How many people can I take in a taxi?

The taxis that ride for the fixed price rate are able to transport 4 passengers. Please keep in mind that if you travel with luggage, there will be space for 2 or 3 passengers depending on how much luggage you bring. Please contact us if you want to know how many passengers we can take including the luggage. If you require more passengers to be taken to the airport, please book your trip here.

Long distance taxi in the South West

You don’t have to look any further than HexCars. HexCars takes all the stress away when it comes to planning your journey to the airport, hotel or home. What makes HexCars different than other taxi companies?

  • Choose your favourite payment method.
    Next to driving in all safety and comfort HexCars also providers safe and secure payments through online bank transfers, paypal and even Bitcoin.
  • All drivers DBS checked.
    Know that your transport in safe hands. At HexCars we ensure you that all our drivers are DBS checked and handpicked by our founders to make sure you get a 5 star experience! Are you curious about what others say about us? Have a look!